Anna Agsten
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Breathing Space
Oils, pigments and resin

Breathing Space is a series of paintings that are a result of an intuitive approach to create the essence of an imaged timeless realm, somewhere in space. Minimal in style, the composition provides a focus of meditation as well as a screen on which to project an experience. Through exploration of materials I discovered techniques that create the surface qualities that compliment the subject of space. I use multiple layers of translucent oil glazes and pigment to build up an illusion of depth and movement. The fluid glazes float colors and merge pigments together to resemble shimmering buoyant particles in space, gases, light and energy. As I worked I watched the colors reflect on my mood and it became a realization of color vibrancy in which I watched the colors enable each other. The focus can be thought of as a glimpse of a moment suspended in space.

Copyright 2006 Anna Agsten. All rights reserved.